Thursday, December 23, 2004

Better Late Than Never!

It took me a while to get into the holiday spirit this year, but I finally am. I've had a really fun week delivering presents to friends, listening to Christmas music and enjoying the festive atmosphere. One of the best things lately is that every day my mailbox is stuffed full of Christmas cards! What fun! I generally get mail every once in a while and it always lifts my spirits, but this week I hit the lottery! I can't believe how great it feels.

I also think I've solved a little mystery going on in my neighborhood this week. I live in a new development high on the top of a hill, in a small village. I know most of the people who live here. But lately we've had constant traffic going around and around the blocks. I've also noticed cars parked all over and families talking walks at night. Yes, you've guessed it (it took me longer), they are Christmas light viewers. It seems I'm not the only one enjoying the crazy Christmas light exhibition.

Each night this week I've been taking a few little presents to families around the neighborhood - like a bag filled with Santa PEZ candy, beginning level English children's books, American chocolate, candles and stuff. Tonight I had a tiny knock on my door and found two of my neighbors, Mai (9) and Haruki (7), bearing gifts. They brought me some Japanese children's chocolate, a Hello Kitty calendar and love notes. One of them reads, "To Kimber1y. The presents of a book and sweets, thank you, it is very deear and is pleased with all, please play, when there is time shortly. From Mai." Can you say "Japanese-English dictionary"? The commas in the note are little perfect commas and I can just imagine her putting effort into making each one flawless.

Later I had another knock and neighbors Nobu (who we call Poppa) and Yuki (his son, 8) brought me letters and an origami flower. Yuki's letter says, "Dear K1mbeary. Thank you Christmas present. I was verry happy. I try read. "Peter's Dream." (That was the book I got Yuki.) Can you teach this book? I hope beautiful time tomorrow! Yours cordially, Yuki."

Nobu's letter says, "Dear K1mbeary, thank you for my kids Christmas present! Yuki & Honoka (their daughter, 10) were very very happy. If tomorrow you have nothing to do this evening, can you join my familly Christmas perty? I made Christmas dinner plan! Tomorrow Christmas dinner place is "karasu" in Waki town. My family wish beautiful Christmas Eve! Christmas party start is PM 7:00. We will wish you join us! If it is inconvenient for tomorrow evening time reach me. (Phone number.) Your cordially, Nobu."

It's amazing, isn't it? When Yuki gave me the origami, I said (in Japanese) "Thank you for the nose." (The word for flower is ohana and the word for nose is hana.) When they brought over the notes, Nobu-san asked me to open them up and read them and correct his English errors, and then he waited for me to do so. I, of course, told him it was perfect, which it is! What a fun week.

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