Tuesday, December 21, 2004

I Guess I'll Walk

I've never really paid attention to people who crab about gas prices in the US. I've always known that gas is much more expensive in other developed countries, and I just have never been one of those people to drive 15 miles out of my way to find a gas station with prices .04 less a gallon. (Although we did always have that sweet gas station over by the group home in Vancouver; that was always cheaper than anything in Portland!) Everyone complains about gas prices -- I was in Bali, Indonesia last month, and my cab driver was really getting upset about it. Gas there is about .20/litre :o)

Well, holy crap, I filled up my car today and damn if it didn't come to $29.06. What the...? I know if I would have done that off base it would have been about $90 (yes, for one tank) but that was little consolation. Man! That's expensive! I think I'm just used to filling up whenever I get down to about 3/4 of a tank (that OCD sure comes in handy sometimes) so I'm not used to paying for an entire tank at once. Maybe I'll rethink those weekend drives to Hiro.

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