Monday, December 13, 2004

Junk Mail?

I've sometimes wanted to take all the junk mail I get on a certain day, put it in an envelope and send it off to one of my friends. Japanese junk mail is so interesting with all of the cartoons and the English words sprinkled throughout the ads. You'll see an entire ad in Japanese Kanji print, and right in the middle it will say "Yes!" or "Do It!" "Happy Price!" is a common one -- any sale or special is called a happy price. Yesterday I got an ad that I've received before. It's from a company called Funky MoMo and I believe they're advertising daycare. The daycare is called Funky After School. This is so Japanese. I think they're trying to get at the word "fun."

Sometimes I see the Funky MoMo bus going around town with all the happy kids inside. It's hard to miss it, as buses that carry small children here are pained like animals. I don't mean there are pictures of kitties painted on the side, I mean that the entire bus is painted to look like a giant kitty or panda or puppy. There are ears painted above the front windows, and a big smile painted on the grill of the bus. On the sides there are stripes or whatever is appropriate for the animal, and there's a big tail painted on the back. An American friend told me about them, and I didn't really understand until I saw one. Now I keep an eye out for them -- they're the happiest things on the road.

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