Tuesday, January 4, 2005


I'm in Kyushu this week and I'm really enjoying myself. How can I go wrong with a Starbucks this close? I can't believe how normal it makes me feel to go hang out in Starbucks. I guess it's something about doing something that resembles my life in the States. It makes me feel like there is some kind of continuity to my life that I miss sometimes.

Tonight I went to a great restaurant, Pallaya, and had my favorite meal ever -- vegetables spaghetti (I guess that's vegetable spaghetti to you and me -- there's no singular or plural tense in Japanese, so to them it's vegetables spaghetti) and garlic bread. After dinner I had a white hot chocolate, and now I'm wondering if life gets any better than this. I don't think so.

Last night I heard a comedian on Jay Leno talking about being single. She said that she gets irritated when she gets those Christmas pictures of the whole family with the dog in the mail each year during the holiday season. She said something like, as a single person, "What am I supposed to do? Have a picture taken of me, sleeping late, with lots of extra money?" I loved that. I have to admit, there is some extra money involved.

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