Wednesday, February 9, 2005

The Night Before The Night Before

I think I did pretty good on my Japanese midterm. I missed three on the oral section and left before sensei graded my written. I went back to my office and worked a bit, and then headed home at 7:30 -- quite early for me. On the way out of the base, I passed the Club and remembered that Wednesday is Mongolian night. They do Mongolian BBQ outside on the deck year 'round, and I've missed it for a long time because of my class. I love Mongolian night. I get a big bowl of veggies and have them grilled up. If you guess the weigh of your dish, it's free. When I first arrived on base I thought that was so stupid and I was too good to guess the weight of my food. It didn't take long to learn that it's just one of a lot of silly things they do here to make life predictable and normal-feeling. And you just decide to participate because it is the better of the two options. Tonight, in a midterm-and-moving-induced haze I said "ten pounds" instead of "ten ounces" and the clerk made fun of me for about five minutes.

I cried tonight on the way home when I was driving up to my neighborhood. I did that last night, too. Tomorrow, I'll run to the base and pick up yen, and then I'll go to the new place to sign papers. I'll work for awhile tomorrow after that, but probably take off early because I have a lot to do and the movers come at 8:30 on Friday.

The ten year old next door has been crying, too. She doesn't want me to go. The truth is I'm really upset about having to move from this neighborhood. Being here has been the number one best part of living in Japan. I know I might meet great neighbors in the new place, too, but I don't really care right now. I feel like I'm losing the thing that has made the whole confusing Japan experience worth it.

I'm going to watch some Sex & the City DVDs tonight and pack until I can just flop in bed and fall asleep without thinking it all over. I know I'll be ok, but I think the next few days are going to hurt.

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