Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Salt in the Wound

Since you last heard from me (and before), I've been pretty much non-stop working on my application for the teaching program, which is due on Monday, and simultaneously studying for my first teaching-related exam, the Pra.xis I, which I'm taking on Monday. Both are proving to be tough - I need to write an essay for my application and I'm just terrible at essays. I can't get the first words on the paper; I freeze up. And the Pra.xis I covers reading, writing and (duh duh duh) math. Math? Yes, math. It's not terribly difficult, but I literally haven't done algebra and geometry for twenty years. So it's going like this:
How do I find the circumference of a circle? Oh, this says 2πr. Ok. I'll just have to remember that for the test. 2πr. That shouldn't be hard. Wait, what about the volume of a cylinder? That's πr². Ok. I'll just remember 2πr and πr² for the test. I can do that. But what about converting Celsius to Fahrenheit? Ok, I see that's F = 9/5C + 32. Ok, I need to remember 2πr, πr², and F = 9/5C + 32.
Anyway, I'm up to about 20 little hints or formulas that I have to remember for the test, and frankly, I don't have much hope that's going to happen. You kids might know all those, but I was never great in math and I haven't used even one of the formulas I'm studying since high school. Man, it's intimidating to be doing this after so long. And this is by far the easiest of the 5 tests I have to take! If I even make it into the program. (Deep breath.) One step at a time.

So what could be more cruel than me starting another day that will easily be twelve hours of studying, and then getting an e-mail with the surf forecast that shows it is THE FIRST PERFECT DAY IN WEEKS AND WEEKS AND WEEKS?! And tomorrow will be the same - actually, even better! It kills me. Kills me. I need a surf so bad right now. I can't tell you what a day in the water would do for me. But I can't even consider it - there's just no way. I got a cheapy ticket to the Blazer-Jazz game tonight, and I don't even think I can make it to that. I know, probably not a lot of sympathy for the unemployed girl who can't make it out for a surf, but that really hurts.

Ok, back to the books.


  1. You should listen to a training cd on the way there and back but go surfing. It will center you.

    I am a bad influence, right? ;-)

  2. I agree with Sizzle. A big part of being able to absorb and retain information is your state of mind. Compulsive studying is not good for that.

    Nothing in life is worth driving yourself crazy.

  3. You cannot write an essay? What have you been doing here since 2004? And everybody ahead of me is right. Take breaks, get away from all the "stuff", do whatever it is you do to center, relax, and feel good about yourself. Do what I do ... no, never mind.

  4. I have to take Calculus when I start school up again in two months.

    I hate Calculus. I don't get it at all and frankly it's just dumb.

    But I am really good at algebra and geometry so if you need me to help you study just text me. I bring food.

  5. Sister, you need to surf. Get centered, get the other side of your brain working! Write out note cards to review on the way down (not that I would advocate driving while distracted, but you know) or record something or something. Get out! We all need a break.

  6. One of my professors taught me about incubation (true story but just looked it up to check that he hadn't bs-ed me - though I did get a BS out of it... hehe). He explained it as the need to ski powder in between study sessions (that was/is important in our world). Just did some minor interwebz research and found this:

    It says in there that thinking works best if you're able to leave the problem. Here's a direct quote..:

    "* Write down the problem on a piece of paper; Put the paper in a drawer for two days; Just before bed on the 2nd day, take out the paper and read the problem out loud; When ideas start to appear, write them down
    * Schedule time for daily incubation; These are times when you purposely allow your mind to wander...showering, driving to work, walking the dog, watching the birds, soaking in the tub, cutting the grass, etc.
    * Pay attention to even the smallest details
    * Make sure the "recordings" your sub-conscious mind is making are good ones...Watch the Science Channel instead of the Ultimate Fighting Championship...
    * Just being self-aware helps!!!
    * Imagine like a child...It is DEFINITELY going to take some practice!!!"

    So, go surfing already!

    Sending incubation energy...