Tuesday, March 16, 2010

With A Bullet

  • So the excrement continues to hit the propeller-driven ventilation device, and I continue to hang in there. You know. I'm making it. I'm finding it hard to want to do much or interact with other humans, but I'm still running and I'm persevering and trying to stay encouraged. On days I can't stay encouraged, I'm showering and brushing my teeth. Mostly.
  • The cat has suddenly started sleeping on my pillow at night. He's fairly good-sized, so that leaves me a tiny corner on which to lay my melon. It's too sweet to make him move.
  • The latest thing to make me absolutely nuts: Super neat that Conservatives are rewriting history and no one is stopping them! This impacts your kids, by the way. You don't mind if your kids don't learn about African American and other minority heroes in American history, right? What did Martin Luther King Jr. really do, anyway? Big thanks to Conservatives and to other Christians who (shock) probably aren't even aware of this issue. Good, brief video here.
  • I am reading a real page-turner right now about the production of genetically modified, hyper-palatable food. It's (unfortunately) called The End of Overeating. This makes the documentary Food, Inc. look like a romantic comedy. (Ok, not quite.) It's outstanding - highly recommended.
  • I think this is officially the longest stretch of unsurfable weather since I started surfing last summer. Reading the wave report each day is becoming physical painful. I am, however, starting to feel the slightest stirrings of excitement that changes are coming. I don't even know if that's true, but I can almost envision a time when I'll be loading the board and driving to the coast for a session again, and it feels like it will be soon.
  • I've been waking up at night, every night, over job and money stress. I am applying for jobs and not getting calls on anything. And these are jobs I'm qualified for - jobs I've done before. I don't understand it unless my resume is just one in a stack of 100 qualified applicants. I admit to feeling desperate and discouraged. I did, however, recently remember that last time I was looking for a job, dumbing down my resume helped immediately. (I got the very next job I applied for!) I spent a few hours today stripping my resume of all major accomplishments, and I'll give it another go with this new and improved? version. Please cross your phalanges.
  • I've almost decided that I need to do the two-year, part-time school program (to become a teacher) instead of the one year, full-time program. School would still start this summer, but I would be working during the day and going to school at night. It's a really tough thing to accept, and I'm not quite there, but I think it's the smarter choice. Stay tuned.
  • I'm headed to Seattle later this week to spend time with my brother and sister. All three siblings in one place! I can't wait.


  1. It will be surfing weather soon. I know I am itching for it, and I know that's the surfing itch because the herpes itch is a completely different feeling.

  2. I completely lost my comment after reading Vahid's. Now I am thinking of herpes.


  3. hey cool guy. I like you. You're cool and stuff.

  4. I don't know anyone who deals with these days better than you :) You know the good surf weather is coming. I envy you having that to look forward to. I guess I'm looking forward to the few weeks of "summer" (it doesn't deserve a capital letter) we get here in Yorkshire, when I can turn my heating off and save a little money.

    I know you've got a lot going on at the moment and the stress must be tiring you out. Be aware that your exhaustion is colouring your outlook and not everything is quite so grey in actual fact. And there shall be doughnuts.

    I'd be interested to know more about your decision to go for the 2-year part-time program - is it a funding issue?

    If you were like, maybe, you know, having a Birthday or something very soon, hypothetically, of course.... how about making it a conscience-free day and NOT reading anything depressing about how we're all destroying ourselves and the planet just for one day - might improve your mood?

    I think Kitty wants to hug.

    I hope the weekend goes okay - take it easy, eh?

    G x

  5. How in heck did I miss this post?

    Wave towards the CD (Central District) whilst in Seattle. :)