Thursday, April 15, 2010


After a mild winter and an early, warm spring, I've been unprepared for the few weeks of rain we've had lately. I'm over it. Luckily, this week brought a reprieve and I've been able to study on my balcony in shorts and enjoy the hot sun on my legs for hours at a time.

My third of five tests is a week from Saturday. I planned on postponing this one after the heinousness that was my test last Saturday, but I learned that this particular test is only given three times a year and I would just like to get it behind me. So I took one glorious day off of studying and have been back at it ever since. This test is specifically to get certified to teach Social Studies subjects, so it covers eight subjects: US history, world history (5,000 BC to present! Rockin' the Code of Hammurabi!), government/civics/political science (is that really one subject?) geography, economics (I think I just heard my grad school Econ teacher groan), psych, anthropology and sociology. This test is only two hours and is all multiple choice, but before we get too excited about that, I'll mention that part two of this test is in June and it's over the same subjects and is all essay. But I'm just focusing on this one for now.

I have a lot of exciting stuff going on. I guess I just mean my life. I had a great run on Tuesday - my first mile was 10:06! Six seconds from my goal of a ten-minute mile! Although I think I have to chalk that up to the post-surf euphoria, as I had a lesson on Monday and I've noticed that running/life/everything works better post-surf. And tonight I have the first of three make-up classes for the Dale Carnegie series I took a long time ago in NY. (And the way I described the award I won in that blog entry, if I may, is hilarious.) I'm scared, but it feels good to be pushing myself to do something uncomfortable. More on all of that later.

This week was again forecast as all rain, everyday, all day. This was a quick pic I snapped while driving back from the beach on Monday. (Top, right corner is my surfboard :>)

By the way, if you're not from Oregon and you're thinking about moving: it rains ALL THE TIME here.


  1. Pushing ourselves is the spice of life. Well that and a good work out.



  2. A certain someone never mentioned the fact that it rains SO MUCH here.

    I am very very glad for some sunshine. :)

  3. I like that rain statement. It's true, you know. Always rains.

  4. I'd heard about the rain in Portland. Bummer. (Is "bummer" still an appropriate word? I know Portland is in the avant garde with suchlike slang, so forgive me if I'm being gauche.) Darlin', you should ditch that town. Move to paradise-on-earth New Orleans where you can become a teacher just by spelling "kat", where "hangover" is a perfectly acceptable excuse for missing work, and where it only drizzles in the sunshine (okay, once or twice a year, we all have to jump into our cars or buses and evacuate, but, hey, that's like a giant tail-gate party). Think about it.

  5. So happy to hear that you're so dedicated to your studies! 5000 BC to the present day is a LOT of history to cover, hehehe I was just reading about Alexander the Great during my break and my head was already filled with all these names that all sounded similar, and my head was ready to explode :D

  6. Does it rain there a lot? Thanks for letting me know, so I'm not surprised when I come visit. ;) I know, I'm a shit. See what you can do to order me up some sunshine for my trip up, will ya...?!?? :D