Thursday, May 27, 2010

The Pace of My Days

I know that blogging is just this tiny little thing, mostly weird, but I like it. I enjoy putting my thoughts down, however scrambled, and more than that, I enjoy reading the crap you guys put down. (Nothing personal.) However, if you're not the guy who wrote this thing, you might just want to quit altogether. I have so many favorite posts from that guy. I might just stop trying and start stealing his stuff.

I went surfing solo a week ago Monday. It was a small day, like 3 - 4', and not a weekend. Obviously it wasn't a weekend because it was a Monday, but I mention it because it's not even summer and yet I can't really handle how crowded it gets on the weekends. Seriously. Everyone who is currently even thinking about going to the coast some weekend this year is already in my space. It's been at least six months since I've been out by myself and I was so intimidated. I cried in my car before getting out and suiting up. I didn't get any good waves, but it was minus low tide and those conditions are mysterious and confusing. I spent two hours in the water trying my heart out and looking pretty silly, but I came out feeling whole. Now should I rant more about how that shop owner is full of shit for thinking I'm afraid to go out alone? I was. I am.

I was so certain I was going to get a pretty good job offer about two weeks ago. Man. When does it all come together? At what point does the perfect bow get tied and we all go, "Gosh, that girl was so smart to take a year off! It all worked out!"? Can it happen soon?

My Dale Carnegie teacher from New York was out in Portland this week for a work conference and we got together a couple nights ago. I don't even really know him, but I think if you see a person on one side of the country, and then see them again on the other side of the country, you should sit down for a few minutes and talk about life. Turns out, he's such an incredibly smart, intuitive, amazing guy. Better than you and me put together. He just knows a lot about life. I felt like I got smarter just being around him, and we couldn't be more different. It was time well spent.

Girls, have you tried boy-shorts or boxer-briefs? Set yourselves free from the tyranny of uncomfortable underwear. I mean it, I'm never going back. You? Do whatever the hell you want. I can't worry about that; I have enough going on.


  1. Man that is a great article!

    I hope that bow gets tied for you soon friend.

  2. Hey, thanks. :)

    Hello, LSL.

  3. I just wear grandma underwear. So comfortable. So sexy.

  4. I've never understood the granny panties thing. Why? Just . . . why?

  5. It is perhaps a silly thing for one adult to say to another, but I am proud of you for going out on your own.

    Also: yes, everyone in Oregon, please stay at home when it is time for me to go out and surf. I appreciate the fact that the beaches are open to everyone in this state so the public so that everyone can share, I just would prefer it if people would not try and share with me.

  6. I'm proud of you for going out on your own too. Surfing is a thing you're practicing, not just the technique but learning to read the water on your own, facing your fears. All of it is learning how to surf from my vantage.

    I've tried boy-shorts but was not sold on them. Maybe another brand would be better. What kind of boxer-briefs do you get?

  7. Such nice comments. Thank you guys so much. They really mean a lot to me.

    Claire - I just buy Hanes. It looks like they just redesigned both boy-shorts and boxer-briefs. Soooo comfy! :)

  8. You know, don't take this the wrong way, but I think it will be a sad day when you do learn how to surf like a champ. Not sad for you, but sad for all of us because the journey is so much fun to follow.

    The day I discovered boxer briefs was one of the best days of my life.


  9. Matt - what a nice comment. That made me feel really great. And I promise that you have nothing to worry about.