Thursday, September 2, 2010

Quick Question: What's a Job?

Hi guys. Let's Catch up. 

I started school last week. Oh my god, what have I done? Last week was mostly orientation plus homework assignments, but I met my cohort and my main professor and it was all just a really good experience. I was stoked. And I absolutely loved my homework -- so far, it's basically reading I would do for pleasure. But this week was our first official class and I kind of wanted to kill myself or someone else. Too many reasons to go into. Frick. 

I hurt my back on Sunday. Double frick. This happens every few years - I put my back out and I can't ever really understand how or why. It takes almost a week of painkillers and nothing but sleep to go back to normal. This time it's not quite as bad, so I've just cut out all jogging and surfing this week and moved around real slow, but that's not really doing the trick. So I got the painkillers today and I guess I'll add those to the mix. It's from stress, I know it is, but I would like it to go away. Now. Please. 

I got a job. I know. That didn't take long at all! Remember how I needed one last Shitty Banking Job to get me through school so I can leave the industry once and for all and become a teacher? Well, I got what looks to be a pretty good Shitty Banking Job. We'll see. I start on the 13th, it's a mile or so from my house, and I can wear casual clothes. (See what's important to me now?) My schedule is swing, Sun - Thurs, so that's really different, but maybe I can surf on Fridays? I manage a small group and that's probably all I'll get to say about that. Please sacrifice a goat or throw a virgin into the volcano or whatever. It's going to be a TRANSITION.

About a year and a half ago when I moved back to Portland and tried online dating the first time, I met a great guy who I would have liked to date, but he wasn't from the area and I don't do long-distance relationships. We kept in regular touch, and he finally wore me down (that's bait, btw; he's not supposed to be reading) and I let him come up to visit about a month ago. We had a really great time, and he arrives tomorrow for a second visit. Don't go apeshit or anything because I still don't do long-distance relationships, and nobody's moving, but he seems like a great guy. He's 6'3", very smart, has a nerdy job in a good field, divorced with small kiddos, and is from the Hunting.ton area. Also, 6'3." I'm excited for his visit. I hope we have another fun weekend. 

Ch-ch-ch-changes. It's all a little way too much right now. I'd like to surf really bad and let the water take all the jumbled parts and help them settle where they belong. Soon, I hope. I want that to happen soon. 


  1. holy crap, lady. that's a LOT going on. congrats on the job! even if it's a shitty job that you don't want to keep, making money is always good. that's got to be a huge load off your mind.

    i'm so excited for you right now, i'm about to wet myself. not really. but. i am excited.

    i found a virgin. now i just need to find a volcano.

  2. A lot of change, friend. Keep breathing and doing what feeds your soul. Sometimes you have to fight for it. I'm in that a bit right now.

    Enjoy your weekend. Try to get some actual sleep this time around.

    On second thought? Don't.

  3. "let the water take all the jumbled parts and help them settle where they belong"
    I love that! I hope it happens soon for you :)
    Thanks for the update, I wondered about the whole school thing, and I think you will like swing -- just your hours :)

  4. Oh my goodness, I would be having a mental breakdown with all these changes.

    However, if the last year or so has shown us anything, you are stronger and braver than you can possibly imagine. You constantly take risks and stretch yourself. If anyone can handle this, it's you.

  5. New schooling and new job and new love interest? When it rains.... Power to you!

  6. A-Yay! Job. Shitty bank job=money. Yay!

    B-Not to be cuntastic, but, yanno, my husband and I had a California-Scotland relationship for 3 years. Good guys are totally worth the hassle (and might I add, joy, because space can be really awesome) of a long-distance thing. We've been married for a year now and he did the moving. I'm just sayin'...some rules are worth breaking.

    C-I got in a car wreck and my ankle is jacked. The hippies tell me this breakdown of the body and cars and such is due to Mercury being in retrograde. I believe 'em.

  7. Wow. Never rains until it pours or some other cliche... no wonder your back went out. Really brave that you went back to school.

    Hope Mr. 6'3" is wonderful and you guys have a fun and fabulous time. (Whether it turns into more or not.)

  8. Youre kind of my barometer of the American economy... so is it safe for me to come back yet?

    And he totally reads this because all nerds are also cyber stalkers. He can like find your IP address or something technical like that.