Saturday, November 27, 2010

May Cause Drowsiness

Hi, Internet. Why am I posting at 3:00 AM? Well, because I just finished a paper and I'm not quite ready to go to bed. My scheduled is jacked lately. Two nights ago I couldn't sleep until . . . 5:00 AM. I think it's equal parts homework and anxiety, with a big scoop of poor nutrition and several to do lists sprinkled on top. I keep trying to turn things around. The twisted thing is that no matter how late I stay up, I don't sleep in. I know. This will not end well.

I'm disappointed that I haven't posted more in the last month or so, but life got all crazy with the job thing and the school thing. Why did I go and do all that?

Huntington Beach comes up for his birthday next weekend, starting Wednesday night. I had this awesome thought a couple hours ago that I should get my tree and have my apartment all decorated for Christmas before he gets here. Could you work on that, please?

I had an emotional but really nice Thanksgiving with J, my very close friend, and some of her family and friends. I missed my family, and the surf report sucked, and I had a hard time making myself go anywhere, to be honest. But once I was there, I was just grateful to have a place where I was so welcomed. I ate the yummy food and mostly kept quiet so I wouldn't get choked up and blurt out how much I missed my sister making our Grandma's fruit salad, or my mom knitting quietly in the corner, or my brother's grateful hugs. Most of all, my nephews' soft hair, sticky hands, and totally unselfconscious laughs. I could have used a big dose of each. But two of J's three boys (5, 6, and 7 when we first became friends; now 24, 25, and 26) were there, and it really was enough to just feel welcomed and have a place to go. It was a good holiday.

There are only three more weeks until winter break from school. I can hardly believe that's true. I was trying to jam almost all of the homework assignments from the next three weeks into this weekend -- wasn't that a good plan? -- but I'll have to settle for just making good progress.

Remember last summer when I didn't have a job and I surfed whenever I wanted and I would tweet pictures of my feet in front of the pool every day? And I was going on all those first dates? Well, I've been kind of ignoring the dating scene since September because I'm too busy to see people I actually know and care about. But about two weeks ago someone from an online site messaged me and said some clever thing or the other, and he really caught my eye. We had our first date last Saturday -- big success, really fun time -- and date number two is tomorrow night. Get this: he's a teacher. I'm kind of excited about this one, but trying to not put too much thought into something that's still at the I-wonder-if-he's-an-axe-murderer stage. But, you guys: 6'2". No kidding.

I like my job. There are shitty parts, but I like a lot about it. Weird, huh?

There's more, of course. There's always more. And I'm going to tell you all about it soon. But right now I'm really going to try to hit the sack.


  1. Too ... much ... to do. Can ... barely ... keep up. Wouldn't it be great if life went backwards?

  2. Nice to hear from you. Life sounds ... emotional. But, that's not always bad. When you stop feeling, then what happens?

    And 6'2" ... the perfect height! Hey - I'M 6'2" ... :)

  3. I remember those lazy days last year. Now why'd you go and muck that up? Good luck on the romance!

  4. I miss you and am grateful that we have WWF to at least touch base. I want to give you a BIG HUG.