Sunday, December 12, 2010


Heavens to murgatroid. I've been locked down in my house as if it were a bunker since last Thursday. I'm almost at the end of the semester in school and I had four, count them: four, papers to write for one of my classes. They were due last week, so I'd already missed the deadlines, but I was really hoping to get them all done this weekend. I even took today off work to try to finish. I didn't quite make it, so right now I have one paper (kind of a hard one) left for the first class, and then one small assignment for my other class that is ending on Wednesday. It all kind of sucks and I'm over, over, o-v-e-r it at this point, but I have to stay focused and pull that last paper out of somewhere.

Coming soon: a three week break, sleep, exercise, Christmas shopping, actual communication with friends, and maybe even a television show or two.

Must. Focus.


  1. Well. I think I might have just the thing for you.

  2. VODKA CLUB. Reunited!

    That is my dream. And it's a good dream. Filled with hope and possibility and maybe even A Christmas Story.

    (Good luck! YOU CAN DO IT!)