Monday, February 28, 2011


In 2 1/2 weeks I'm headed out for 12 days. It doesn't seem real, and yet it's coming up fast. I haven't been on a plane in so long. And I haven't been out of the country since 2007. That's crazy. And I can't remember the last time I went to a totally new region. So I have some nerves going on.

Back here and here I mentioned hoping I could at some point scrape together enough pennies for this trip. This exact trip. Luckily, it really only took pennies. For my 30th birthday, I saved up enough airline miles to take my sister and me to Italy. It was amazing. I've been mostly saving my miles since then, knowing that something really special was in store for them. So for my 40th birthday, I have enough miles to plan this crazy trip and to fly first class. The entire ticket is costing me about $45. Can you imagine? Alaska Airlines, I love you and your miles that never expire.

I'm scared. And hopeful. I bought a Kindle, for godsakes, so I'm definitely getting ready. I expect to pack one small bag, and I'll bring a few bathing suits, sunscreen, a couple pairs of shorts and t-shirts, my iPod, and my journal. And my heart. Don't forget my heart.

So it's this: a deserted coastal area a four-hour (mostly paved) drive from the nearest major airport. A little bungalow with a hammock and an outdoor shower on the patio. Yoga classes. Massage. And two-to-three surf lessons a day. Two beers are included with every meal. Lights out at 10:00 so we're ready for the early sessions.

40, I'm not ready for you. I'm scared and I have no idea how I'm going to pull this off.

The last couple of months haven't been like I'd planned they would be -- they've been pretty much the opposite of what I've wanted or needed. I'm not ready to open my heart wide enough to accept everything life has for me right now. I hope Life will understand.

Maybe Costa Rica can show me the way.


  1. I am SO excited for you. It sounds just perfect for what you need right now. I think a solo trip (way to go on that ticket! yay for first class!) is going to nurture you in ways you can't even fathom.

  2. Go get 'em, babycakes. You are going to LOVE your 40's. For serious. And this is a great way to set the tone!

  3. Dreamy. Get out of this rain and snow and soak up some rainforest. I've had friends go there and it looks like an amazing get away. Have so much fun.

  4. I LOVE IT!
    Happy Birthday, You!
    Welcome to the 40's (soon)!
    Have a freaking great time!

  5. I teared up reading this. I am so happy for you. I am so happy you are doing something for you.

    Thank you for leading by example.

  6. Costa Rica always shows the way. Relief and healing ahead. xoxo