Friday, April 15, 2011

Constant Craving

I am craving surfing. Craving surfing. During a massage the other day I flipped over onto my belly half-way through as instructed, and I found myself pushing up with my palms and toes, making sure I was exactly centered on the table. After I carefully lowered my body, I held my arms up just a second to see if I was balanced. Like I do on my board.


It's unsurfable out there, and I should know: I'm checking the report three times a day, just in case. I'm in terrible shape -- the subtle cut of my shoulders that I noticed after Costa Rica has gone soft. I've finally gone running again and my thighs feel like knives are splitting them in two every time I move. I'm not ready to surf even if the ocean was ready to have me.

But I hope it's ready soon.


  1. I used to be a massage therapist so I got a good laugh picturing one of my clients centering themselves, surfer-style, on my table. lol. I'd love to learn surfing. Go you!

  2. I hope conditions change for you to get back on the board. Not because your body is going soft but because surfing feeds your spirit!

  3. Ditto. 'Cept the Costa Rica part. And the massage part. And the knives. But otherwise, totally ditto.