Monday, April 25, 2011


  • When I am foolish enough to leave home for a few days, I pretty much always come back to little piles of throw-up strategically placed around the house. Oh, it's strategic. Trust me. (The cat.)
  • I spent a quick weekend up in Small Town, WA, with my Mom. We had such a nice time taking little walks and relaxing in the sunshine on her deck. We talked and played Scrabble and wondered how she got to 63 and I got to 40. It was a really nice visit.
  • I slept better at my Mom's than I have in six months. Every night. I didn't even know that kind of sleep existed for me anymore. Honestly, I think it was because school and work were hours away and I couldn't have done much about either even if I'd wanted to.
  • The final leg of the flight home was holy hell. I think I caught the pilot on his first ever flight. My GOD, just cancel the damn thing if it's going to be like that.
  • I signed up for a beginner sewing class. I'm going to make a pillow :) I don't know; my Mom is a really amazing seamstress and she has all kinds of lovely things around the house. Also, I got a kind of obsessed with these cute little bags on Etsy and now I want to know how to make them.
  • Fifteen years I've lived in Portland and not one day has the weather gotten to me. Until now. I am OVER IT. I need sun. People aren't supposed to live like this. For the first time in all these years, we finally have the weather that everyone thinks we always have. And it rots.
  • On Wednesday I finish a literacy class (that I've liked). I just finished a small paper for that class, and now I have a big project I'm working on that is due that night. On Friday I take a two-hour, state-required civil rights test. Next Wednesday I have a pretty big paper due for a practicum (that I've hated). It's why I've been volunteering at the homeless Center, which I have coming up 3 nights next week (5 1/2 hours a night, after I get off work) as well. I just finished reading 2 books for those two classes - The Glass Castle (which practically gave me PTSD) and Zeitoun (which convinced me that every New Orleans resident must have PTSD) - and I can't freaking wait to be done with all this bullshit and just go back to one class at a time. This winter/spring term has been a bitch.
  • It took 40 years, but I finally beat her. (And then she promptly put me in my place. No surprise there.)


  1. You're right about NOLA and PTSD. Don't even get me started ...

  2. I liked both those books. Actually, Zeitoun is my favorite of Eggers' books. I agree about the PTSD though. Holy shit.

    I love sewing but I can't seem to master the sewing machine. The machine wins every time. Dang it!

    I am glad you got sleep. You need more of that! And sun, fuck, yes, we need some more sun. Saturday was so perfect weather-wise and then the forecast was rain for a week straight. Fuck that. Sigh.

  3. I'm glad you had a nice visit with your mom. You did get very nice weather :)

  4. I'm to the point where I literally cry every time it starts raining. I might also be throwing my fists in air crying "WHY GOD?!? OH WHY!!?"

    Not that I'm being dramatic about it.

    Tell me how you like the sewing class! I've always wanted to get better at it.

  5. I like Glass Castle... and yes, it kinda freaked me out.

    And the sleep thing? Whenever I visit my familt in CA, I sleep better than ever.

  6. I too try not to let the weather bug me (I mean, this is Portland after all), but I am TIRED of rain. I just...cannot deal anymore. But I'm also sporting my first sunburn of the season today, thanks to the almost-seventy-degree heat yesterday, so I'm pretty content at the moment.