Saturday, May 14, 2011


I had a really nice day today pretending that I didn't have homework or any other care in the world. It went something like this:

I took a back way from my house to get to St. John's and felt like I'd found a secret passageway. Shhhh.

First came the foot soak and scrub.

Then came the massage. It was really heavenly, and I know my way around a massage.

Next up, a surprise run-in with one of my favorite breakfast places. NE has really changed since the last time I lived here.

Then I arrived for my class. Nervous. There were only four of us and the teacher was young and hip, very nurturing, and just a touch sarcastic. Perfect.

You don't scare me. (Well, you do a little.)

There are so many tools involved. Who knew.

A ridiculous amount of folding and ironing went into that beautiful hem.

Again with the tools. This will make the corners turn out properly.

I don't have a full view of it to show, but it looks great! The fabric is facing the right direction and those seams are something to write home about. (The ironing that goes into seams! Mon dieu!)

And finally, the annual trip to my favorite running store to replace my shoes. They were fantastic, as usual. It was a good reminder that I need to refocus on working out regularly.

And then I came home and did homework until 2:00 AM to make up for it. Totally worth it.


  1. Holy wow and good for you! :)
    Next up, quilting???

  2. Sounds heavenly. Minus the homework part.

    I took a sewing class once and once I realized how much math and ironing were involved, I decided sewing wasn't really for me. I do love the IDEA of it though.

  3. I absolutely love that top photo of the St John's Bridge. And man am I envious of your breakfast at Pine State! Glad you had a great day (except for homework, BOOOO)!