Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Plan B

I went to "open sew" last Friday night at Modern Domestic, the awesome little shop where I'm learning to get crafty. My previous post detailed my plan - basically, have fun making little pouches and try my hand at an Etsy shop.

Here they are in the early stage . . . no one told me there was so much ironing in sewing.

Here's the dining room table at home - getting ready to pin the zippers in.

Back at Modern Domestic to face this thing:

In the middle of making two little cuties.

This is called a "seam ripper" and it's the instrument you use to undo "Oh shit" moments. I had several of those that evening.

The finished product - 3 little guys.

So I learned a lot that night and one thing I learned is that I'm not great at this! But I did have fun and I am enjoying the inspiration that comes from being around different colors and textures and just creating something.

I think the new plan will be to just practice and keep having fun until I get a finished product that I feel good about putting out there. I did decide to get a beginner sewing machine to practice on at home, so that little number shows up tomorrow. I think she's going to fit in around here just fine -- and I already have a name for her. More updates to come.


  1. It may not come easily to you, but from what I can see of the finished results, you are totally good at it.

  2. I love them! Oh to be so crafty! I am ready to be your first customer :-)

  3. Creativity is sorely lacking in my life. I love that you are doing this and getting joy from it even if you're not automatically good at it. Sometimes the getting good at something is the joy and we just don't know it.

  4. Is that seam ripper responsible for what happened to the jeans you are wearing? 80s hair metal all the way!