Monday, May 16, 2011

Teach Me How To Dougie

"We've waited too long for a First Lady who can pull this off."

From Kottke - who describes the significance of the clip thusly:

It's not just that Michelle Obama is the first black First Lady. It's also that she was born in 1964. She's sixteen-seventeen years younger than Hillary Clinton or Laura Bush. She was in high school when hip-hop broke. Even Barack was already in college. She probably did a few of these dances in a South Shore parking lot when her husband was already thinking about getting into law school. In Joshua Glenn's generational scheme, Barack is part of Original Generation X, while Michelle's firmly in the next cohort, alternately titled Generation PC/the Reconstructionists.

Michelle is the first First Lady of the hip-hop generation. And not only does that explain a few things; it's incredibly awesome.

More where that came from. And a special note: I've never heard of the Dougie, the original Beyonce song, or the Beyonce video they're imitating.

One more: Michelle is gorgeous, isn't she? I love her.


  1. Yes dear, she is beautiful. Except for the fact that she is black. Or at least that's what my family back in Idaho are telling me. Perhaps you'll remember the night that I just about decapitated them all:

  2. That video was cute. I have never heard of the video or song that they are imitating. I feel so out of the loop now.