Friday, June 10, 2011


You know how sometimes things just fall in line? When everything in life is going pretty great and it just feels good? That is not happening at all.

So tonight I hung out with a great friend who just *gets* it, and then I came home, put the homework aside, and decided to sew.

I love my new bag, but I also wanted a smaller version, like the Japanese bag I carry every day. So I got the Japanese bag and measured it:

Then I put on some Meaghan Smith:

And then I got to cutting, ironing, and sewing. Guess what I came up with?


I was so pleased. It's almost an exact representation of my Japanese bag. How did that happen? And look at this cute fabric up close:


What a relaxing evening. I needed that :)


  1. Youre doing great! My sewing projects always just end up a big pile of cut up expensive fabric.

  2. Nice! You really should start selling these if you haven't already!

  3. How come I haven't heard of Megan Smith before. I like her voice! And that bag? So awesome!

    I am glad, after the day you had, you took care of yourself first and foremost. xo

  4. OMG so cute! You are the awesome, dude.

  5. Your bags are inspiring me to start sewing again.

    They are absolutely adorable. You should check out Alexander Henry fabrics- I think you would love them.

  6. OMG that bag is SO cute! Dude, you kind of rock this sewing thing!