Friday, June 17, 2011

Give Away

Awesome Venn diagram from the amazing Indexed, as usual

I'm having fun making my little bags and pouches, but I'm collecting quite a stack! I'm trying to practice enough until I feel comfortable putting the finished product on Etsy (voilĂ !), and it's taking longer than I thought it would. I was thinking that anyone who would like a zipper pouch or draw-string bag can leave a comment, and after a few days I will randomly pick a couple of numbers, and whatever comments the numbers correspond to, I will make bags for those peeps. I think I'll need to stick to the those two types of small bags because the large ones are too expensive to make and I don't need as much practice on those as I do on the others. 

Here's what they look like: zipper pouch, drawstring bag

Here's what I can promise you:
  • I'll choose any kind of cute fabric I have (you can tell me if you have a favorite color or something)
  • It's all washed, high-quality cotton, and some of it is from Japan
  • I'll make it sometime in the next month, although I think it'll be in a week-ish
  • I'll mail it to you, so it's totally free
  • There may or may not be a little surprise in it (chocolate, lint, something)
  • It might be big enough to hold your iPhone and keys, or it might not
  • I have a lot of bad habits but none of them are smoking, so it will be made in a smoke-free environment
  • It will have mistakes and not be perfect (just like me)
  • It might look weird or be uneven
  • Maybe it will fall apart; I don't know
Thank you for helping me practice!


  1. Are you serious?! I have been dying to get my hands on one since you first posted pics. I did have good manners not to ask. . . though I wanted to.

    Sign me up!

  2. Really? Me too! They look awesome, I love it that there might be some lint! (hint, hint).

    Keep up the great work :)

  3. For real? For really real? That is so amazingly generous of you! If you are still in the "giving" mood, I quite admire your zippered pouches. All the patterns so far have been mega-cute, so I wouldn't be picky about color or anything. Just no toenail clippings in mine, please! lol

  4. I want one! I want one! But if I don't gets a freebie, I will hold out for the etsy goodness and just buy it.

  5. I have been waiting for your etsy shop to open up so I can order one. I love the totes you made. The giveaway is an added bonus. Even if I win, I will still buy a tote, I promise!

  6. OMG OMG OMG YES! They are awesome and have zippers and are cute and stuff, and I have always had a fondness for things you put other things in. Those things are my favorite.

  7. Would it help if I told you about my old sick mother, for whom I am the sole support, breadwinner, and caregiver? Or that my poor old dog, Gustavus, needs a corneal transplant? How about if I told you that nobody in the whole wide world has ever done anything nice for me? Ever. Since the day I was born. And, incidentally, I didn't ask for that either.

  8. What a fun idea - I LOVE IT! And, of course, I'd gladly take anything off your hands. I might even come and pick it up - with the knowledge of all of your fab fabric sources I'm headed to Portland first chance I get! I did look for some cute stuff last time I was in San Francisco, but it's hard to find the fun locals when you are a tourist! Keep it up, I think you are doing great and you are inspiring me to get out of my rut and be more creative. I've needed some fresh wind in my sails for quite some time!

  9. Well of course I want one. DUH. :-)

  10. What fun!! I bet they're totally cool, 'cause they're, like, you.

  11. I want one! They are so cute with the cute fabric and the cuteness.

    Also, I think if I get one it should be delivered over lunch sometime. So see, excuse to see your face!