Saturday, June 25, 2011

Grumble, Grumble

I'm over my professors saying the following to me:
  • No need to take notes today; I'll send you these slides. 
  • You don't need to write this down. 
  • Hey, really: don't worry about writing this down! 
  • No need to take notes today!
We're in a teachers ed program; every class is basically about how different people learn in different ways. I can't pay attention or retain information if I'm not writing. Can they please shut up and/or get therapy for their control issues?

(Brought to you by 3 hours of sleep, a bad haircut, and class on a rare sunny Saturday.) 


  1. You are right, they are wrong. I totally agree. When I would write notes in school I didnt even have to study after. Visual/kinetic/audio combination learnin, baby.

  2. I've been thinking back to my university days recently and wondering whether lectures were different these days - whether maybe the Professor would just say "here's the URL to my YouTube lecture, which you can refer to at your leisure". I guess not.

    I understand where they're coming from: wanting you to think and respond in class and give them eye contact to reassure them that you're listening, however they really ought to understand that different people respond in different ways to the material and will make different notes. If they want to minimise note-taking, they should distribute photocopies of the slides at the beginning of the lecture and allow you to add whatever extra notes you feel are necessary to help you retain what they're talking about. It's no good promising to send the slides afterwards, when you lack their commentary and asides - precisely the things that you are trying to record.

  3. I hate when Professors won't put up the slides before class. I love printing them out to take notes on (because they ALWAYS say more than the information on the slides) and when they only put them up after lecture I get angry!

    It's like they are trying to ruin it for me!