Thursday, June 9, 2011

In The Bag

Project #3. This time I took a class to make a bag. Something about it being sunny out and the fun group of women in the class and the Tina/Dolly/Barbra mix in the background made it a particularly fun time.

I noticed a really strong, awesome girl power-vibe that morning. I ordered lunch from the Tin Shed (holy hell, San Fran sandwich: call me) and when I walked a few doors down to get it, I saw a truck right outside of the sewing shop with a huge pile of gravel that was being unloaded by two muscle girls. Walk a few steps and I see a woman dressed to the 9's doing business on her cell phone leaning up against a (probably vegan) boutique shoe store staffed and filled with young, confident-looking women. Next door was a community garden where a group of, you guessed it, women were making things beautiful. That seemed to be the theme of the day. I got my food and when I walked back into Modern Domestic, Tina was belting out a song and my classmates were reminiscing about sewing-related injuries (nothing wimpy here; think needle-in-the-eye and rotary blades over multiple digits). No boys in sight. The whole day was really fun.

Here's the process: Cutting.

Sewing. Right-sides together always feels wrong.

Straps and top-stitch.


Finished product!


  1. AhhhhhDorable!
    Love it, you are doing so (sew?) great :)

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  3. Oh dear now I'm losing any vestige of masculine credibility here because I have to say that this bag is quietly fabulous. Now I've got to go and chop some lumber or something to compensate. grrr

  4. GRRL POWER! I took a sewing class once at a community college. I dropped it because I got tired of stabbing my fingers and getting dirty looks from the teacher when I let loose an expletive. Your bag is way cuter than mine turned out!

  5. Whaaaaattt?! You made that?! So, so jealous of that talent. Love the bag. It's so cute!

  6. You're getting better and better. It's ADORABLE. I think you'll be opening that shop sooner than you thought. ;-)