Wednesday, June 1, 2011

She Was A Showgirl

Meet Lola.

She likes 70's music, extra dirty martinis, and long walks on the beach.

Yes, Lola arrived today. I went through hell and highwater to retrieve her from the delivery company, so our relationship seems to have started out on a contentious note. I have no doubt she'll make me earn every small victory I have with her.

This is what we did tonight:

I wish the fabric was clearer -- it's all Japanese and so cute.

You can't tell, but the lining of the bags are orange triangles, fluffy blue and white clouds, and yellow polka-dots.

And this is how the dining room area looked when I was done:

Not quite up to my usual standards, but I was pooped by the time I finished. (FYI - I didn't drink out of the bottle. I was just holding my glass as I took the pic.)


  1. Does she like Pina coladas, and getting caught in the rain? Or is that the wrong song?

  2. I kinda like the image of you throwing back gulps of wine from the bottle while hunched over Lola sewing. Hee.

  3. Is this the part where you open an etsy shop and we start buying your cute goodies?

  4. Oh, perhaps I should catch up on my reading before I ask questions that have already been answered. :P

  5. You're making me smile :) keep it up. Eh, whats wrong with drinking out of the bottle? I probably would, maybe I have ...