Monday, June 27, 2011


I had my 4th sewing class last Friday and the task was a bias-cut skirt. Now. I've been super stoked for this class because it was supposed to be a really simple pattern and I envisioned myself making a bunch of easy, cute skirts for myself for work after figuring out the first one with the instructor's help.

Yeah, not so much. I don't know; the shape is kind of funny and the bottom serged hem didn't turn out very good. I did put double-sided elastic around the waist and that went great, but the whole thing just didn't come together in reality like it did in my head. It was disappointing.

My teacher was a garment designer in NY -- I've had her a couple of times now and she's very patient. In response to my skirt she said several times, "It's ok. It's like the first pancake." Isn't that hilarious? And you guys have seen my pancakes (not a euphemism).

I guess I just use fabric I'm not in love with and try it again and again until I get better. Not exactly how I'd hoped it would go, but sewing does seem to have a pretty quick learning curve. (I say that even though I've made 1,000 of those zipper pouches and I still can't get the zippers right.) I guess everything seems to have a quick learning curve when you take 9 months to stand up on a surfboard.

Still making my little creations, still working on the Etsy shop, still enjoying the colors and textures of different fabric, still having fun.


  1. I took a skirt making class that claimed making a skirt was simple. I BEG TO DIFFER. That's right about the time I gave up on sewing. Sigh.

  2. Dude, I love my little zipper pouch! I show it to people all the time and tell them that you made it, and they generally are astonished at it's cuteness and perfection.

  3. I've never gotten as into sewing as I've wanted to. I don't know why.

    But I am excited to see all the different things you make!