Sunday, January 8, 2012


This is an article about Portland on I'm not sure about the article, but the comments are awesome. My favorite:
I'm from Seattle; and if Seattle is the big brother who is pressured to go to college and take over the family business, Portland is the little brother who gets to do whatever they want. We're America. They're Canada. As a result, Portland does has an air of "hedonism" to it--at least to this Seattleite. The food and beer scene are better there. The fashion is more avant garde. People just seem to enjoy the little things more.

I visited last month and remarked to my Portland friend: "What do people do around here [for money]? All they seem to do is eat and drink! So many cool bars and restaurants!"
And from an older article where "The People of Portland" were part of the "Good 100":

"They live in the only city in America where the phrase "urban-growth boundary" can be used to kick off cocktail-party conversation or, in certain company, as the anchor to a pickup line."

My favorite feature on Good? The People Are Awesome stories. Great when you start to lose faith in humanity. (Related: a nice site to browse after watching the Republican debates.)


  1. I love Portland. I need to get down there this month. WooHoo!!!Powells here I come!!

  2. The way that person describes Portland compared to Seattle? MY THOUGHTS EXACTLY.

    Man, I've always been that first child, pressured to do the right thing and be responsible. no wonder I live here and not there.

    I love Portland like a wild child little sister.

  3. I think that the really good part of this whole deal is that you actually posted something on your blog! Yay!