Saturday, February 25, 2012

Creepy Creepy Creepy Creepy

Sign of the end times or ?

(P.S. I don't believe in the "end times" LOL)


  1. They needed to get a hotel together and it would have been a happy ending.

    I don't like to fly anyway that just creeps me out more than ever.

  2. Creepy indeed and the sort of thing that would put me off flying KLM.

    And I agree with Nulaanne, the ad DEFINITELY looked like it was going to end with them sharing a room in the city.

  3. I see so many positives and on the same side so many creepy, stalking things that could happen.

    How weird would it be for some stranger to walk up to you and call you by name and if they did enough internet stalking they could know way to much about you. Yah...creepy.

    It just goes to show you more than big brother can keep an eye on you.

  4. It's Grindr for airplanes! Yes, they were definitely headed to a hot pillow joint ~ too funny.