Saturday, March 10, 2012

Get Away

(I wrote this on Monday, but am just posting it right now. We have a lot of catching up to do.)

I'm just returning from three nights in Jackson Hole, WY. (No, I mean I'm just returning - I'm on the plane right now. Damn, Internets! We've come so far!) Sometimes peeps ask how I can afford to travel so much, and the answer is that I'm willing to go pretty much anywhere. I just look for cheap deals and grab them. Jackson Hole has never been on a list of must-see destinations, but it came up on GroupOn a couple months ago and it was a hell of a deal. Why not?

Now I know that Jackson Hole should have been on my list. You should put it on yours. I'd love to go back in the summer when it's easier to explore, but the trip was fantastic. We had close to white-out conditions, and it was kind of a thrill to be around so much snow (for a short period of time). However, that did prevent me from spending much time outside (7 degrees F, anyone?)

This is the place I stayed - not quite as nice as it looks and kind of poor service, but who cares? I didn't go for the service. I went to get away, be isolated, have minimal distractions (I didn't turn on the television or get the wifi password). For those things, it was absolutely perfect. I would stay there again. I ended up reading two books, doing some writing, and spending time watching the snow fall. It really was perfect.

I stayed in this cabin:

Along side of the road, there were signs like this one: 

I had one outing during the weekend - taking the city bus into downtown Jackson Hole to explore and get groceries for the weekend. This was me planning my evening out: 

The Tetons are indeed grand:

And finally, taken through the window of the airport just before boarding my flight home:


  1. I totally recognise the need to get away, to cut out the distractions of home and go and sit somewhere quiet and simple for a few days. Good for you. I often dream of checking into a monastery somewhere for the same reason, although I'd probably not appreciate the religious observation (or, indeed, the early mornings). I was going to say that didn't think I could go to Jackson Hole without skiing, but then I remembered a 4-day break I had in NYC, once, where I barely left my hotel room.

  2. Wow. Honey, that's not getting away, that's going to! Good for you!

  3. I've always wanted to visit Jackson Hole after reading a series of books that take place there. A weekend of no internet, tv, or plans sounds pretty blissful to me!

  4. It was seriously all I could do not to exclaim "GRAND TETONS, GRAND TETONS!" after every photo you posted. That was where my car broke down (seriously right in front of Grand Teton, at Lower Jackson Lake Dam) this past summer, and so, wholly accidentally, Matt and I spent an entire day in Jackson. It was AWESOME. You know, save for the whole "Oh hai, your car needs a new battery AND a new alternator" part. Though hanging out at a brewery for hours before receiving that news did help to soften the blow...

  5. You know, you have a great idea there!!! Keep an open mind and be willing to take the cheapest flight to where ever.

    I will have to add that to my list of adventures to try.