Friday, September 21, 2012


Which reminds me. In July, I took a long weekend and went up to Seattle - something I did a couple times this summer. Personally, I require more alone time than probably everyone else on earth (maybe combined), so I took part of the time to hang with friends (for instance, visiting Kaply and helping Sizzle address her wedding invites!) and part of the time to hang with myself. It probably sounds like a luxury, but it's not exactly. I need that kind of time just to keep my feet on the ground and not go crazy.

Here's how it went: 

Friday night, bust a move to get up to Seattle in time for the Doomtree show at Capitol Hill Block Party. It's a three-day outdoor concert, and I really only came for Doomtree. They were playing at 5:00, and I drove up, parked my car on the street, and ran a couple blocks to the venue just in time for their first song. Of course the actual entrance to the venue was 3+ blocks away, as far away from the main stage as possible. And I'd followed the sound directly to the main stage, finding myself at a whole bunch of security gates with cute boys telling me I had to hoof it to the entrance. What could I do? Bat my eyelashes and beg, that's what I could do. So I did, and I ended up right at the front of the crowd. (The security guard told me I had to stay where I could see him, and then leave right after their set. No problem!) They played all my favorites and gave a hell of a show, as usual.

After the show I stopped by a place on the Hill and got a pedicure, and then I did a little shopping at cute little Stitches and Westlake Center, both near my hotel. That evening I stayed in my room and chilled - just using the time to journal and take an Hour Power Shower. 

I picked up this little number while shopping. Cute, no?

On Saturday, I did some more journaling, scheduled a massage, and visited my favorite places at Pike Place Market, including baker of the most amazing Macaroons on the planet, Le Panier Very French Bakery. I also gave in to the amazing weather and took a tiny nap on the grass at the waterfront with ten million of my closest friends.

I wish I could say I didn't eat them all. 
Later on a whim I decided to get a haircut. I love my hair lady here in Portland, but you know how it gets after so long with the same person. I felt like I was rocking the soccer mom look most of the time. I Yelped around and found Raven just up the street, and I threw caution to the wind.  

Blane and I can't believe how great I look.

On Sunday I visited my girl Kaply, and dear Sizzle and her Mr. Darcy to catch up, get a big dose of TLC, and help with Sizzle and Darcy's wedding invitations. 

All in all, a really wonderful weekend. 


  1. It WAS super fun, and I thought about you just this week, because my eldest niece told me the Doomtree song Veteran reminded her of me every time she heard it. IT IS AWESOME.

  2. I LOVE that song! And I love you. xo

  3. I love every opportunity I get to see you. Your help with the invites was awesome, especially because it gave me one-on-one time with you. xo

  4. I love your new hair! One of these days I'll be a part of a Seattle trip. ;)

  5. Thanks, Matter! And you will definitely be part of my Seattle trip very soon.