Friday, September 14, 2012

Team the Best Team

If you've been coming here for a while, it will surprise you not at all that I did something a little crazy last weekend. I flew to Minnesota for a concert. Better yet, my sister, who lives in NY, did the same so we could spend a few days together. It was my first time ever to Minnecrapolis, and, you know, not bad. The weather was gorgeous (which helps everything) and the people are kind of hippy-dippy like here, I guess. But after enough people told me that city is Just! Like! Portland!, I started to kind of hate it. A little cool? Maybe. Just like Portland? Dream on.

We flew in on Friday night and went almost immediately to a bar called Cowboy Jack's on a tip from a kid at the hotel. This is us being cute as hell at Cowboy Jack's before our mutual lack of responsible behavior had consequences better left between sisters.

How long do I have to be back from Japan before I stop doing that in pictures?

On Saturday, we went to Summit Brewing, where Doomtree was playing an outdoor show. The crowd was liquored up and obnoxious, but it was still amazing to see Doomtree play in their hometown (I've seen them 3 times on the road). I love this band - so sharp and so much talent. I've listened to almost nothing else since hearing about them on NPR (you heard me) about a year ago. 

Me stalking Mike Mictlan in the crowd before the show. Love his steez.
"The song is Bangarang. The dance is ridiculous."

On Sunday, we were back to the airport and to our respective homes. A quick weekend, and I'm going to have to stop doing shit like this since buying the condo. But really fun to get out of town and hang with my big sister.

(My very favorite Doomtree songs: Game Over, BangarangLike You Mean It, SeamstressLittle Mercy [In this land of milk and honey we're too shy to say we're thirsty, we just make a little money and we buy a little mercy. Brilliant.])


  1. You and your sis are so pretty. :-)

    I like the tunes- thanks for the head's up on good music!

  2. Yay for fun weekends being a little bit irresponsible and ridiculous. Everyone needs that every once in a while. :)