Monday, April 29, 2013

From Where I Sit, You're One of a Kind

This song by Griffin House has been one of my favorites for the last couple of years.

Remember in that last post when I mentioned the Good Guy I was dating and, hey, we'll see what happens next? God damn it. I'd explain it all, but I'm smack in the middle of a terribly self-indulgent miserable streak so I'm super busy right now. I might have some time in a few weeks when I stop crying and never date again. Best guy I've ever met, such a good one. I'm telling you - first class all the way.

Still, got to be a little out of his mind, right?


  1. Give yourself time to feel all the feelings. But I really do promise there are more good ones out there. You're getting closer.

  2. That sucks. But Siz is right (and I just abbreviated her nickname like a weirdo) there are more good ones out there. That can be hard to see in Portland because, well, I've seen some of the guys here. But they are out there! I promise. Just give yourself as much time as you need. Xo.

  3. I always tell people in this situation that it's for the best that the guy (or girl) is gone, if they were going to go, because it clears the way for the one who will stay.

    For whatever reason, this guy didn't connect or didn't want to work at it, so he wasn't the right one and would only have made you cry (more) further down the road.

    The fact that he was the best yet is a good thing - not something to mourn. As Sizzle says, you're getting closer to working out who your partner needs to be. I'd be concerned if you were complaining that men were all the same, etc. Don't give me that "never dating again" crap when you're obviously getting better at it.

    Be the wonderful person that you are. Get on with your life and follow your interests with that passion of yours and the right guys will be in your path.

  4. I like Greg. <3