Monday, May 27, 2013

MURS for President

I saw my first Murs show back in March (good lord) and don't want to forget how great it was. He was touring with Fashawn to support their collaborative album (title track - lord, I love this song), and they had several openers including Prof (great song - Buddy.) (Prof is the white dude below; Murs is the brother. They are both pint-sized. Fashawn? Even littler.)

It was SUCH a fantastic show - one of the best I've seen by far. Murs is sharp as a freaking tack, socially aware and doing his part (hello, works with Habitat for Humanity, released Animal Style about equal rights for our gay bros & sisters - yes, before Macklemore, whom I adore, and more), and funny as hell. Murs has done lots of collaborations, and one of my favorites is with Slug of Atmosphere - their song Dirty Girl from the album A Tribue to Lisa Bonet  is the best. Download that sucker and put it on repeat. You're welcome.

Here are two of Murs' raddest tunes (no embedding allowed on the first):

Lookin' Fly, which has one of my favorite lyrics:

Spread my wings like Andre Hicks
Getting play on both coasts like the L.A. Knicks


And you might have heard this one before - Everything.

Class dismissed. :)

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  1. I hadn't heard Everything. But I like it. :) By far my fave of all the songs you shared above. Finally got a new laptop, one that works... :) Miss you much.