Sunday, October 27, 2013

Rap Up

I've been to about 20 concerts in the past couple of months and there's no way I'll get 'round to blogging about all of them but here's what you need to know: Kendrick Lamar, Grieves, Kid Cudi.

Whoa, Kendrick Lamar. I bought a ticket and actually sat through a few songs of freaking Kanye West to see Kendrick for the third time in a month - this cat is amazing. He's a tiny little peanut in a hoodie but his presence is giant. And his good kid, mAAd city album is complex and the best thing released this year - at least. Don't like rap? Good. This is too good to waste on people who say that anyway.

Here's the one that makes the crowd go ballistic:

Grieves is a 206 (Seattle) kid and I can't get enough of him. I've been listening to him for a couple of years, and he came down to our shitty little Hawthorne Theater last month for an amazing show. It's crazy - he's 29 and his bass player I think needed a note from his teacher to even perform that night, but it's some of my favorite music right now. Check it: On The Rocks (awesome video below) is my fave, but everything of his is musical, artistic, great. Heartbreak Hotel is mournful, beautiful. Lightspeed is fun lyrically.

Kid Cudi is one of the best live acts I've seen not only for the tunes but in terms of energy. God, watch the show and then go run a marathon. It's the antidote for depression. My favorite song of his is Mojo So Dope - I can't get over that no matter how many times I've listened to it over the years - but most people probably like his other stuff more, like Soundtrack To My Life.

Ah, rap music. You complete me.

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