Sunday, November 30, 2014


It's the holiday season all of a sudden and I'm trying to keep up this year. Last year around Christmas Eve I thought, "This is nice - I should do some Christmas cards" and then realized I was too late. I don't feel like Christmas music, but tonight I pulled out some lights (one strand on the balcony is never too hard) and a few small decorations for the house. I'm debating a tree - I haven't done one in my condo yet and it sounds like a ridiculous pain in the ass. I'm not expecting company before the holiday, and I'm going to my mom's for Christmas so no one other than me will even see it. Still, I'm trying to enjoy moments and not just pass time, and maybe me seeing it is good enough. Royal pain in the ass.

My Trail Blazers are doing well. Man, it's fun to have a sport and a team and just truly enjoy it. I have started to (gasp) have a slight interest in football as well, but baseball never gonna get me. I think it's growing older or something - it's easy to see how sports imitate life, and it's easy to appreciate the athleticism and achievement. I'm a Trail Blazers season ticket holder (300-level holla) and I've only missed a couple games so far. At 82 in the regular season, it's a commitment.

I'm trying to focus on my health right now. It's always hard for me to focus on myself (contrary to popular belief, I'm sure). I think that's true for a lot of women, generally speaking; we are socialized to care for everyone around us. I'm 43 and it's more apparent than ever that health doesn't just come to you as it does when you are younger. You have to work for it at some point, and I'm at that point. It important to me to be mobile, active, relatively pain-free, and I've found myself in the worst shape I've been in since moving back to Portland several years ago. So I'm trying to put in the time and keep the focus on myself, as they say in Al-Anon.

We don't get much snow in Portland, but here's a winter-y picture for the time of year. This is from 2005 or 2006 from the Sapporo Snow Festival on Hokkaido in Japan. I believe those are little advertisements around the snowmen's necks. There were hundreds of those all over town and more snow than I have ever seen.  :)