Wednesday, April 20, 2005

Triple Lutz

Wow. I've sworn off the word "busy" because it's just so over used and irritating, but what is there to say?

Two banking centers down and one to go with the systems conversion. I'm having a lot of fun and the 85-hour work weeks are flying by. This supports my Type A theory: hard work is fun. It's fun to work on something new and a project that is so positive. But, yes, I am busy.

I head for home on Saturday and I'll be there a week before heading to the next city. I don't think I've been at home for a week since mid-February. I know that doesn't mean much for some people, but this girl misses her bed.

I seem to have found myself with another bad haircut -- how does this happen? I believe I am sporting what was once called the "Dorothy Hamil." Yikes. If you are a woman on a military base and get the urge to have your hair cut -- just don't.

I missed the hanami parties this year, but a friend invited me to another special Japanese celebration next Friday. It will be my first of the kind -- an outdoor spring festival. I can't wait.

A few readers have commented on font problems with my blog when reading it through a aggregator (if that is even the word) -- I've started to post in the normal size font instead of reducing it to a smaller size. Please let me know if that helps. I'm all about the reader. :) Speaking of readers, thanks for continuing to tune in and leave comments. The last three on my previous post were hilarious.

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