Wednesday, May 25, 2005

Time For Me To Fly

How happy am I that I'm going to Guam tomorrow? Very, very happy.

Once again I had so much to say, but now I just need to get packing so I can get some sleep before I need to get to the airport. My iPod is all set to go with my favorite songs and the perfect Vacation Mix that will last the exact 3 hours and 40 minutes from Hiro to Guam. I've packed an extra, empty bag so I can bring back ALL KINDS OF U.S. GOODIES like Cherry Nibs and Curel Lotion and anything I want.

I had a great call with my mentor tonight. I feel so lucky and grateful to have awesome support people. Work has been really hard lately (gosh, that's new) but I have great resources.

Tonight I went to Mongolian Night (Wednesdays. Yum.) and had some veggies. They grill the food outside on a second story deck and there are three Japanese guys there working their buns off. It's a great setting -- you can see the entire base from there and tonight there was a beautiful pink sunset. I snapped a quick pic with my phone of one of the cooks with the golf course in the background...and...almost...posted it...right here! Duh! That's about the tenth time I've come "that" close to posting a picture of the base online. That's one way to get voted off the island real quick.

I don't mind saying that last night I killed a bug SO BIG that I screamed when I did it, and then actually had to flush him in the downstairs toilet, because if I flushed him in the upstairs toilet I was convinced that he would come back, pissed as hell, and get me in the middle of the night...*shudder*.

I have so many books to bring on my trip. Personal reading has gotten lost in the 82-hour work weeks lately. Go figure. I wish I was going on vacation for longer (ok, forever), but for now I'll take four days. Ciao for now!

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