Thursday, July 28, 2005

How Come Americans Are So Dumb?

This was taken in the lobby of my local movie theater. I'm just saying, they've thought of everything in Japan! So you're out grocery shopping and you have your green tea ice cream and chopped squid, but you suddenly decide you want to go to the movies. What do you do with your groceries? Well, you rent a refrigerating locker, of course. Everything here is so convenient. Do you know that you can check into your flight on some airlines here without a boarding pass, but by just touching your cell phone to a small screen on the way past the gate? How about the way that I buy movie tickets from the ATM-type machine at Lawson's (like AM/PM)? What about the super fast cell phone chargers that I see all over the place at rest stops along the highways? Take a break from your road trip, sit down for a cup of tea and charge your cell phone in ten minutes. There are a million examples that make Japan a fun, easy place to live.

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