Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Home Sweet Home

I don't really know where I consider "home" right now -- maybe I have several homes. I'm in the States about 1/2 way through a three week visit. So far I've seen a little bit of family and lots of friends. I'm getting ready to go from Oregon to New York for four days and then I'll end up in Washington State. I have to admit that I've experienced some type of culture shock this trip that I've never really had before. I'll write more about that later, but for now I just wanted to check in. Is it wrong to admit that out of everything, I've enjoyed the food the most? (Outside of people, that is.) What in the name of all that is holy is up with Cold Stone Creamery? I don't know, breakfast, lunch and dinner? Sounds good to me. I'm having fun catching up with everyone and am looking forward to the next week or so. I'll post more about my trip later :)

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