Thursday, September 29, 2005

In No Particular Order

More job and life decisions have come up and they're prompting the question, "What makes me happy?" It's more than that, the whole process, but this is where I'm starting. And the question is harder to answer than I thought it would be, but this is what I know so far:

  • Relationships, deep conversations, connecting with people in genuine ways
  • Being alone, solitude, silence. No people, no TV, no plans. No one's laundry to do but my own.
  • Traveling to new places; adventures
  • Laughing
  • Family
  • Evenings with friends in great restaurants
  • Good movies
  • A house that has a place to sit outside
  • A kitchen that I can cook and bake in without any expectation of when I will/won't use it
  • Mild weather. Shorts and sweatshirts.
  • A job that allows me to grow and grow people
  • Having a kitty sleep on me
  • Living near an airport
  • A house on a street that isn't busy
  • The ability to take classes at a university
  • Enough money to save
  • A car that is clean and comfortable to drive
  • An ocean nearby
  • Massages and pedicures
  • Working to learn a second language
  • Vegetarian food
  • Being around kids
  • Reading
  • Good music, access to concerts
  • Community theater
  • Opportunities to volunteer, to give back
  • Opportunities to both teach and learn
  • Air conditioning in the summer
  • Being around people who are different than me (I mean different like Tibetan, not different like Republican)
  • Writing

These are just some of my thoughts. And not everything that I listed is of equal importance to me. But I am in the process of sorting it all out.

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