Monday, November 14, 2005

More Heartbreak

I've been so surprised by the Amman bombings. I haven't caught much news (thankfully), but I did hear that at least one wedding party was caught in the trauma. The Japan Times had a picture of a gorgeous bride and groom before the bombs detonated. It's beyond what my mind can think of.

I don't know a lot about the area, but a Jordanian bank customer several years ago prompted me to locate it on a map and learn a little. It seems that it's been somewhat of an oasis of religious moderation and tolerance in the Middle East (which is relative, I know), and King Abdullah II seems like a fairly cool guy with national pride and normal aspirations for his country and his people.

Someone with more knowledge can come and blow me away with it, but I still think it's so sad. I don't understand it.

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