Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Lawsuits: Watch Out

This weekend I went to Kamakura to see the big Buddha and to rub the statue of the God of Fortune. Why not? I had an awesome time and can't believe that Shoo Shoo and I didn't make it there when she visited a few years back. I spent the entire day walking around exploring, and I can't wait to return.

At one point I paid ¥100 for my fortune and got the following, verbatim (a damn good one that I would have paid a lot more for, frankly):

  • ILLNESS: You will recover
  • PREASURE: You will have a desire fulfilled
  • THE PERSON YOU AWAIT: He will comes. If you are (not) honest, he will not come.
  • LOST ITEM: You will find if you are honest
  • LAW SUITS: You will win
  • QUARREL: You will win. If you will be in a hurry, you will lose. You will be careless, you will meet with misfortune.
  • MARRIAGE: Good
  • TRAVEL: Reasonably
  • LIFE AND DEATH: You will be alive
  • BUYING/SELLING: Favorable
  • TOOL: Gold and silver, money box, sword, fabrics (whatever)

I take this as a good sign. If I didn't like my fortune, I would have wrapped it up and tied it to a tree or to this thing in the picture (a torii?), but for now it's in my pocket waiting to come true.

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