Thursday, January 12, 2006

Luxury for Less!

Lately I'm driving myself crazy looking for a job. I've given myself an unofficial deadline of thirty days -- there I said it -- and I'm two weeks in with nothing to show. I'm contacting everyone I've ever known who has at some point said they would help me out, and I'm tempted to lower my standards every day. It feels like years have gone by since I turned down that damn offer to stay with my Division. Another offer to stay (two, actually) came last week. I thought about it for a few hours this time before turning it down. If it didn't feel like a deal with the devil, I would have caved. I'm still glad I didn't.

I'm looking for jobs all over the US, and that means I'm on 24/7 like a crackwhore. Why is it that the only houses I can afford are located in Florence, KY? Hard to take for a girl from the Pacific Northwest. And what's up with these home descriptions? Charming. Cozy. You cannot afford to not consider this home! Lots of space for the money! Pampered perfection! Love at first sight! Inviting foyer! Live your dream! Cute as a button. Pristine.

Optimistically, keeping to the belief that I have a limited amount of time to enjoy my surroundings, I’m headed to Seoul tomorrow. I love finding myself in new places, but hate getting there. Every time a plane takes off with me on it, I’m pretty sure it’s going down. Plus, I don’t like packing so I put it off to the last possible minute and then run around the house throwing things in a suitcase, only to find myself in a far off place armed with slippers, a bathing suit and a feather boa. That’s how I ended up in Tokyo in January without gloves. (But I never forget to charge my iPod. What's that about?)

Luckily, I'm meeting some friends in Korea so it should be a fun weekend. I'm going to enjoy some shopping, some art and the DMZ tour, and forget about everything else for a while. I want it that way. Sayonara!

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