Sunday, February 5, 2006

Korean War Propaganda

I snapped a few pics in the Korean War Museum before I realized that I wasn't supposed to. On the DMZ tour you are constantly being told where you can and can't take pictures (looking south is ok, but not looking north; standing inside the box painted on the ground in the parking lot is ok, but don't take pictures while standing outside of the box; looking towards the train station is ok, but don't take pictures while your back is to the train station), so it was an honest mistake.

Here are two pictures of actual North Korean propaganda with incredible messages. I can't imagine the conditions during the war, so I don't know if these twisted things actually convinced anyone to surrender.

The first photo says, "She's happy . . . because her husband is a POW -- and no longer risking his life in the front lines. SHE KNOWS that he will go back to join her as soon as the armistice is signed. What about you? You may be killed or maimed any minute. That's why your mother, your wife or your sweetheart don't know a moment's peace from worry about you. Why don't you ease their minds. Why don't you make sure that you too will go home. THINK IT OVER! RIGHT NOW! The Korean and Chinese are lenient to their prisoners. They guarantee your life, security and freedom from maltreatment."

The second message has captions that say, "Mr. Moneybags is in Florida this Christmas. Where are you? In Korea! You risk your life, Big Business rakes in the dough."


  1. I was looking at these pics and realized I have them..the oringinals that my dad brought back from the war..what do I do with them? I have a few others also.
    P keen