Wednesday, February 8, 2006

Me Me Me

I had such high hopes for posting tonight, but time has slipped away from me. (There was a two-hour Home Makeover show on TV with the Backstreet Boys. What's a girl to do?) Here's a post to get me back into writing.

Four jobs I've had

  1. DJ at a radio station
  2. Errand girl at a law firm
  3. Residential Counselor at a zoo. I mean, group home.
  4. Banker

Four movies I can watch over and over (and those that know me know that I do this)

  1. You've Got Mail
  2. Lost in Translation
  3. The English Patient
  4. Parenthood (Hi Gary!)
  5. And a whole bunch more (I'd rather watch a movie that I love over and over than risk wasting two hours on something stupid)

Four places I have lived

  1. Wenatchee, Washington
  2. Portland, Oregon
  3. Hiroshima, Japan
  4. Gosh, that's all. I didn't move even once until I went to college in Oregon.

Four TV shows I love

  1. Frasier (I know, it's not on anymore)
  2. Felicity (I know, it's gone, too)
  3. Extreme Home Makeover (Move that bus! Also known as my weekly sobbing session.)
  4. Oprah

Four places I've vacationed

  1. Lucca, Italy
  2. Bali, Indonesia
  3. Leningrad, Russia
  4. Siem Reap, Cambodia

Four of my favorite dishes (oh, man, this is going to suck, I can tell)

  1. Hummus and pitas from The Alameda Brew Pub (Portland)
  2. Big, fat gardenburger from Red Robin (Portland)
  3. Veggie burrito with extra black beans from Sandoval's (Portland)
  4. Vegetables Spaghetti with garlic toast from Pallaya (Nagasaki)
  5. That sucked. I'm starving now.

Four places I would rather be right now

  1. Watching TV and eating hummus and pitas with my sister, brother-in-law, and their huge pooch, who would be sitting nicely at my feet and not licking me
  2. In Shanghai, shopping (Shanghai Trio, baby) with all of my friends and family
  3. With Shoo Shoo in Vegas seeing Rick Springfield and heading to the piano bar afterwards
  4. Getting a massage in any Aveda salon (smells yummy)
  5. Hanging out with all of my friends in Phuket, Thailand
  6. Getting a pedicure with my mom
  7. In any house that has heat and insulation
  8. At a BSB concert
  9. Talking with Matt about living overseas (no watches allowed)
  10. At a blogger conference
  11. At my brother and sister-in-law's new house with their baby kitty
  12. In school
  13. With all of my relatives on Christmas . . . for one hour
  14. Xian, Seoul, Hanoi or Seattle
  15. In a huge, cozy bed reading a great book. With Ken Watanabe.
  16. It's not that it's bad where I am, I'm just dreaming :)

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