Monday, April 24, 2006

By the Numbers

Wow, is there anything at all that eight days in southern Thailand can't cure? I had a wonderful vacation, and just can't remember why in the world I waited so long to go back. Here's a quick recap, with more to come:

  • Massages - 3
  • Books read - 5
  • Two-hour bubble baths - 4
  • Elephants hanging out on the side of the road- 2
  • Oxen hanging out - 40-ish
  • Average temperature - 90F
  • Hours spent contemplating the tsunami, the meaning of life, the nature of happiness, the future, the quality of my relationships and other existential dilemmas - 1,000
  • Seconds spent thinking about work - 0
  • Minutes spent on the phone catching up with sister (best friend) - 60
  • Top 3 topics of conversation with sister - food, old friends, musicals that don't translate well into movies
  • Cost of a sixty-minute phone call from Thailand to New York - $310 USD
  • Hours spent riding in the back of an open tuk-tuk around the coast of the island wondering if life could get any better - 2.5

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