Sunday, May 28, 2006

Visits from Friends

Today I'm sorting and packing my crap because the movers come tomorrow. So far I've had surprise visits from three Japanese friends, which is so fun. The Shibahara-sans came by a few minutes ago and brought me a wonderful letter and pictures they all painted. (Can you imagine an American family doing this for a Japanese visitor? I can't either.) I love the pictures, they mean so much to me. The letter says, "Dear my friend, thank you for the letter. It was glad. Please in vigour. Thank you up to now. From your friend, Tomoka and her family. P.S. It present the brush of a famous atelier." (They gave me a famous kind of Japanese make up brush.) Isn't that great? I'm so thankful for all of the people here who have taken me into their families and made my time in Japan so amazing.

Thank you for all of the really kind comments on my last post. The support means so much! I'll continue to post about the process this week when I can find time and a PC! But before I pack up my computer I plan on putting up some final pics tonight.

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