Monday, March 12, 2007

Three-Minute Update

I'm driving myself crazy trying to think of a way to post a brief update while still on the road. So much has happened in the past week or so, and I just don't have the time to blog, although I am taking copious notes. I'm still in Portland and have been totally overwhelmed - in a good way - with my time here. Why do I live in NY? I leave here on Wednesday and head to Washington State and will be there until late Sunday night. I haven't wanted to post about TequilaCon without including a picture of my killer lanyard that Dave made, but I hate waiting to talk about it. Here are three bullets of miscellaneous trip stuff so far:
  • I had so much fun meeting people at TequilaCon - Sizzle, Hilly, Karl, Dustin, Dan, Neil, Chad, Dave, Robert, Sass, JC, Jenny, Brando and more. When I met Brando I was star-struck, and the first thing I said was, "Oh my god, you look just like yourself." Ugh.
  • I've decided you can pretty much tell a Portlander by looking at their shoes. On a related note, I purchased new Birkenstocks today. It just seemed like the right thing to do while here.
  • This is truly the greatest city in the world. Why don't I live here?

It's still driving me crazy to not be able to catch up on all my favorite blogs, and I'm a little hurt that you've all gone on without me. (Ok, not really, but I'm going to have a lot of reading to do once I get back home.) Hope everyone has a great week, and try to not get sick with jealousy that you weren't at TequilaCon! More to come.


  1. ha! and i was just as vain as i am in real life, too. i think i told you and shoo shoo that the reason i hadn't showered was because i liked the way my hair looked and i didn't want to mess it up. heh.

    i'll have you know i'm wearing my syracuse shirt at this very moment at 4:44 am.

  2. Oregon. Portland. What have they got that we ain't got? Me and Dave are here.

  3. But are you wearing your new Birkenstocks with SOCKS? Do you have a craving for preservative-free, home-made granola? Does the sight of styrofoam make you cry? Do you forget how to pump your own gas?

    They may seem like little things, but that's how it works. Pretty soon you'll find yourself at McDonalds asking if the fries have been certified organic, and that's when you'll know that Oregon owns you...

  4. Hee hee. I think that's what you said to me, too. Or maybe it was, "You look just like your blog." Either way, I loved it, and I'm so vey glad that you came all the way from New York so that I could meet you in person.

  5. You're coming to WA state? Whereabouts? You realize I'm in Seattle through the weekend, right? We must party again! Email me.

  6. From the sister that lives in live here because of ME! Does this not beat out Tevas and nonstop rain? You know you miss the gray cloud that lingers over Central NY. And how 'bout the Orange?! (Wrongly ousted from the NCAA competition this year!)


  7. Yes, I'm crazy jealous that I wasn't part of TequilaCon ... maybe next year I'll be invited. :(

    And I agree with dave2 - you're not truly a PacNWerner unless you wear your Birkenstocks with socks. Dark ones, of course. (I'll NEVER be a PacNWerner ... )

  8. Great to get a quick update from you. Glad you're having a good time on your trip. I've had many friends who live in Portland over the years and they all LOVE it. I've never been--perhaps I should drop in on some of those friends!

  9. Brando - yay! I'm glad the shirt works. And why were you up at 4:44? Sleepless because you miss all the bloggers from TequilaCon?

    Glenn - VERY good point.

    Dave2 - This is sad, I know, but I not only wear them with socks, I wear them with Birkenstock socks. And I think it's absolutely barbaric that we have to pump our own gas in NY.

    Sass - I forgot about that! I have a way with words, don't I?

    Karl - I wish it worked for us to hook up. I'll leave you with these words of wisdom: hold on to your underwear, my friend!

    Sister - Oh, that's why I live in NY. Good reason.

    Matt - you are officially invited to next year's TequilaCon, and I'm going to do a better job of hooking up with you than I did with Lewis this year. :(

    Michael - I hate not being caught up with your blog! Portland is a pretty great place, you've got to visit. :)

  10. i totally didn't get to say good-bye. i was heartbroken. i don't just nibble on a girl's ear and not say good-bye. i have manners.


    if you are anywhere near Seattle, i'd love to hang out more. it was SO great to meet you. you have a great laugh!

  11. Oregon is totally crunchy! Not putting it down, just sayin.

    I wish I would have been able to spend more time with you but I was afraid of a wet ass by the fireplace!

    Plus I had some erm, stuff going on =)

  12. it was so great to meet you, too! i had to wrestle my gift bag away from brandon, though, because he misread the maple syrup bottle and thought it was southern comfort...

    looking forward to next year!

  13. Pfft. "Birkenstock socks?"

    I find that regular white tube socks work just as good.

  14. Shh! Not so loud about the whole "Portland is great" thing, ok? Actually, you can advertise all you want--everyone thinks it rains a ton, so that keeps 'em away.

    Sorry I missed all the fun. I was in Miami and LA. If you want to know about that, you can take a look here.

    Next year. I may be all crunchy and Oregon-y, but Birks and socks--never!

  15. I am glad you had a good time as well . I trust there was no puking ???? let us know more soon !!

  16. oooooooh, I DO miss that city!!! - d

  17. I have to say the funniest part of TC for me was when you just came out and asked about the chili recipe and I had to blankly pause and check your badge before I could answer. I was totally caught off gaurd there.