Monday, June 4, 2007

Like Marsha Brady

Well, Michael told me to kiss the boys for him at Pride, so I had to tell you all that I did! What a great time I had. The party was smaller than I thought it would be, but the group was really fun, and I enjoyed seeing the vendors to know who supported the event. It was my first Pride ever, and I have to say it was like being in a parallel universe . . . everything looked familiar, but it was disorienting to see people be whoever they were without fear of not being accepted. I don't think I can describe it without sounding like a dork, so I'll just say it was a great feeling. Something like, so this is how it's supposed to be. Too late, I already sound like a dork. (Especially with that vendor comment; that's the banker in me.) Maybe you can click to make the pics bigger - I loved the "Groom" t-shirts on the big, cuddly bears.

Of course the best part was finally getting to see Levi Kreis perform, and, oh yes, getting hugs and a kiss from him afterwards when I introduced myself. You heard me. Hugs. And a kiss. Heaven help me, I wanted to never wash my cheek again. He sang, "Stained Glass Window" from Southern Baptist Sissies, and another favorite of mine, "Just This Good," which will make your dog weep. I thought I might lose my mind. The day was overcast and only started to really downpour when Levi performed, but the whole thing was perfect. Gosh, I just love live music, and I can't say enough about how I've connected with the experiences he writes about. All the pictures I took of him turned out blurry, of course, but I'll post one of him trying to wipe the rain off his mic. That kid needs to work on his abs, don't you think?

I should also say that this morning was tat appointment number five in Crapchester. CRAP, it hurts tonight. The doc said he used a different setting on the laser to hopefully go deeper this time. He suspects I'll only need a couple more treatments. It does look very light, and I'm starting to feel (oh, gawd . . .) a little bummed that I'll be a tat-less person at some point soon. After all this pain, I don't know that I could bring myself to get another one, but I do love the tats.


  1. I don't know much about the removal process, but now that your old tattoo is so light, why not get a new one as a cover-up? Seems like it would be cheaper and less painful than two more removal treatments. Just a thought.

  2. Um, EXCUSE ME!!!!???? Did you just refer to my hometown as CRAPchester? Don't forget MISSY...I know where you live...and it ain't exactly HAPPENING there, either! gol dang it.

  3. I never went to Pride events in Rochester or Buffalo when I lived up there. How cool of you to go! Come down to DC Pride this weekend. The parade alone is reason enough to get down here.

  4. WOOF! You done good, girl! I wouldn't mind kissing Levi Kreis myself! But if it couldn't be me I'm glad it was you. Sounds like you had a blast. So glad to hear it.

  5. I'm with Dave. Get another one.

  6. You're not a dork! I love the way you described the "parallel universe". Quite true, really.

    Funny about your removal appointments (well, funny-ironic) as I'm STILL after all these years contemplating my first tatoo. Yeah, so now I'M a dork.

    And Levi says hi. ;)

  7. Dear Miss Marsha Brady,
    You're nothing but a kissing whore. Tell Levi hi for me.
    Love and huge kisses.

    PS -- I'm trying to figure out what I want for my second ink stain.

  8. you are so precious. sorry about the pain. thanks for the levi kreis tip. yes, that's how it should be.