Monday, September 17, 2007

Good Things That Happened Today

  • Had a great hair day
  • Got a surprise care package from my friend in DC - complete with Hello Kitty toothbrush, lavender soap, and chocolates
  • Saw one million stars when I dragged my trash out to the curb - it's a beautiful, crisp autumn night
  • Talked with my brother on the way to work - he is hilarious and does the best Office Space impressions
  • Learned there's a new Backstreet Boys CD coming out in 42 days - OMG!!!
  • Had an employee express very genuine appreciation for me - thank goodness for the few that make you happy to show up each day
  • Sweet potato fries, hummus, and ice cream for dinner
  • Learned that the guy they hired to replace me in J*pan got fired for sexual harassment - really, what's more fun than that?
  • Slipped into a nap in my big, fluffy chair with the cat on my lap while watching Scrubs tonight


  1. Toss in chocolate pudding, and that's the perfect dinner!

  2. Ah, ain't nuthin' like the good life.

  3. What??? A new Backstreet Boy coming out? There's nothing like a million stars.....did you count them??

  4. hey milton. what's happening? mmmm-hmmmmmmm....

  5. I like how "Had a great hair day" is on the top of your list. It sounds like you had a catnap. Gedit. Catnap. LMAO

  6. Mmmmmm ... sweet potato fries ...

    I think I need to make a post like this. Well, at least think of a post like this. I'm pretty negative these days with work stress.

  7. That is seriously inspiring! Hooray for awesome days! (Or just making a day great by concentrating on the good things).
    I'm loving your blog! =^.^=