Wednesday, September 26, 2007


It is hot, absolutely hot and miserable right now in NY. It's 72° at 11:30 PM. It was 77° this morning at 8:00 as I drove to work. I just took a shower to cool down and now I'm covered in sweat. My upstairs is like a little Easy Bake Oven and I'm getting cooked.

Still trying to figure out if I can swing an international vacation this year, and I found a great deal with an online place called Airtreks. When I called I got the rudest service this side of the DMV, so I decided that I would need to take my tiny travel dollars elsewhere. Well, tonight I got my sample itinerary and final price via e-mail, and I'm afraid I can be bought. It's that easy. So the question is - should I feel comfortable going to the Middle East right now alone? I do, but I'd pretty much go to Iraq if someone would let me. The trip would be Jordan, Israel, Egypt, with a little Greece thrown in for fun. (I'm going to be disappointed if someone doesn't make a joke about a little Greece for fun.) What do you think?

In other news, I've had a rough week or so. I'm struggling with generalized anxiety - a constant feeling of being on alert and like there's bad news just around the bend. Along with that, I've decided my boss is the absolute devil, and I'm trying hard to not let interactions with her dictate my moods. If anyone figures out how the hell to do that, drop me a note.

But here's the point - tonight I had the complete pleasure of going to see Phantom of the Opera. Truth be told, I'm not a huge fan (I mean, it's no Cats) (just kidding - I hate that Cats show!), but there is something about a musical, almost any musical, that I love. I arrived early and sat in my seat (fifth row, middle! - the perks of ordering one ticket) and noticed the sights and smells and sounds and just took it all in. People milling around visiting and waiting, looking at the orchestra pit, humming the theme song. As I sat there I noticed that my anxiety had left me (sweet relief), and I felt overwhelmingly grateful to be right where I was. (And Phantom isn't really one that I'm crazy about.) The voices. The voices! Few things reach me or touch me or something like a musical does. In the playbill in an ad for a local bank that supports the theater it says, "The arts have the unique ability to transport our imaginations and refresh our spirits." Exactly.


  1. I know you won't believe this, but I've never seen Cats or Phantom. (And, yes, I'm pretty certain that I'm don't start questioning that!). I'd love to see them.
    And, HEY, ditch the doom and gloom feelings, eh?

  2. One should always try a little grease for fun I always say ! and homey when you feel your cant hold on any longer thing of us out here in the middle of the Pacific who don't even have any theater to speak of unless we wanna shell out extra bucks and go to Oahu for a night and the see a 3rd rate broadway touring company try to pull off Cats (of all shows. Anyway enough of me venting .....hang in there honey

  3. Hello my magnet friend!

    You're tagged. See my blog for the scoop, lady. =^.^=

  4. going to the theater always puts me in a better mood. i should really go more often!

    i'm sorry things with your boss continue to have a negative affect on you. :(

  5. Do you believe thsi blas of summer weather? And my air conditioner just broke...oy.

  6. Re: musicals
    Is there any sound more exciting and full of anticipation than an orchestra tuning up?

  7. Valium and red wine cure any disease, wretched bosses included.

  8. 77 degrees is hot?

    You're... kidding, right?

    Down here if the temperature drops below 90, folks start putting on sweaters.