Thursday, January 10, 2008

There Will Probably be Skits

Hi peeps. Thanks for your nice comments below. I'm headed out today for a three-day retreat. It's a group of 50 professionals from my fair city and we're starting today on a one-year program to develop our own leadership skills and find ways to help the community. That probably sounds better than I meant for it to sound, because what I'm really looking for is sympathy. Three days. With strangers. In cabins. I have a roommate.

I hope the time away is enjoyable, although I admit that my mind is so weighed down with my job situation right now that I have to concentrate to breathe normally. I had to take a two-hour personality test last night in preparation for the weekend; I guess they're going to put us in work groups based on our results. The test was one I haven't heard of - DiSC - and it confirmed what I pretty much thought all along. I'm a huge bitch. What work group does that qualify me for? Poop. What work group does that qualify me for, assholes? It also said that I'm deeply creative, so I think I deserve a little respect around here, goddammit. Have a good few days and please send all spare good vibes my way.


  1. Skits?
    That's the worst...

    So just have fun with it, and laugh at yourself the whole way...

    Good times!!!!

  2. I hope you're able to use your "other eyes" (spiritual, emotional, other level) to see and find something other than what you're going there for. Look outside the four walls....beyond....way out. Search deeply, no matter what else is going on around you. There's more out there than meets the eye!

  3. Sorry you are having troubles but just pass through the fire hon and you will be better for it,always remember that which does not kill us makes us stronger !!!! BTW you will understand this after the weelend but I took the DISC test my I is way up off of the chart on top and my D is almost in the middle, like I said you will understand more after the retreat.

  4. i just grouped together all my spare good vibes and while i wish it was more, i am sending them your way.

    a roommate? aack! i think that'd bug me the most.

    hopefully you won't have to do too many skits or do a group massage or something kinky... ;)

  5. PLEASE tell me you won't be doing "trust falls" or shit like that ...

    I'm SO relieved that test showed you're a huge bitch. I knew I adored you. ;)

  6. So you're a huge bitch? And deeply creative?

    Journalist. Reporter. Trust me on this. I know this from experience. Absolutely, positively.

    Though I would *never* recommend somebody go into this terrible business.

    Just saying, the best reporter I know is creative, but also a huge bitch.

    You will find something great. I know you will. How do I know? I just do.

  7. oh god. there's gonna be ice breakers. the least. the very least they could do is give you your own space. maybe you could take a tent?

    oh wait. it's the middle of winter.

    ummm. igloo? i know where you can get this special shovel that makes making an igloo a really easy task. it only takes about three hours to set one up. let me know if you want the url.